1. 5 Reasons to Hit The Gym in Fall

    There’s never a bad time to join a gym or fitness center and get in shape, but the fall brings extra motivation for those of us who want to stay in reasonable shape all year. If you don’t want to cut out all the fun — and food — of fall, then it might be best to dedicate a little more time to your fitness. With the weather getting colder, it's a great time to get into the gym. The top-of-t…Read More

  2. Don’t Believe These 4 Commonly-Circulated Myths About Muscle Soreness

    If you’ve recently started over with making regular fitness center workouts a part of your lifestyle, you’re prepared to face some discomfort. It starts with pulling yourself out of bed earlier than usual, continues as you try to catch your breath with lungs that feel like they’re on fire, and ends with one of the most dreaded discomforts of all —muscle soreness. Many people misunderstand …Read More

  3. 4 Tips for Making the Most out of a Personal Training Session

    If you’re new to working out or have a specific goal you’d like to have a professional help you reach, a personal trainer can be a great resource to take advantage of. Joining a fitness center is one of the best ways to find personal trainers to work with, but after you’ve found the one that’s right for you and enrolled for a certain number of sessions, what next? Showing up is a start, bu…Read More

  4. Burn the Bird: 5 Reasons to Run a Turkey Trot 5K This Thanksgiving

    The average Thanksgiving dinner packs a whopping 3,000 calories, including 229 grams of fat. With the additional 1,500 or so calories from pre-dinner and post-dinner snacks and drinks, the day’s total damage usually lands somewhere around 4,500 calories. That’s more than twice the average daily calorie intake for an adult and 3.5 times more than the recommended calories from fat (45%). Thanksg…Read More

  5. Which is the Better Way to Run: By Minutes, or Miles?

    When it comes to running, there are different ways to train. For instance, if you’re mostly focused on getting in a cardio workout, you might set the treadmill at the fitness gym for 20 to 30 minutes and call it good. On the other hand, if you’re training for an event, it might be more important to reach a certain mileage by race day; or, if you’re working on speed, a certain number of inter…Read More

  6. Dynamic vs. Static Stretching: What’s the Difference?

    We’re told that stretching is good for us – it lengthens the muscles we constrict during weight-lifting sessions; it improves our range of motion and flexibility, and it reduces our overall risk of getting injured. But, in the fitness community, there’s plenty of debate about when to stretch, how to stretch, and which type of stretching is best. To clear up any confusion and learn how to max…Read More

  7. 6 Tips for Swift Muscle Recovery

    Muscle soreness is almost always a sign of progress, so even though it’s painful, it should also be encouraging. Still, lingering soreness a few days after starting a new fitness gym routine can also hinder you from progressing as quickly as you like or completing routine tasks (feeling daunted by those stairs after leg day?). While the best ingredient for muscle recovery is time, here are 6 tri…Read More

  8. Creative Ways to Get in a Workout While on Vacation

    Vacation season is in full swing. While these are much-needed times of rest and relaxation, they also tend to throw off our workout and fitness center routines, making it harder to pick back up where we left off once the vacation is over. While you may want to use a vacation to let your body recover from a recent round of tough workouts and gear up for the next season of hitting it hard at the gym…Read More

  9. Take Your Workout to the Pool This Summer with These Water Workout Ideas

    With the heat and humidity, summer fitness center workouts can be tougher than usual. The good news is that there are great ways to make “leisure” activities like swimming double as effective workouts, too. When the heat starts to get to you, why not hit the pool or lake and enjoy some of the benefits of water workouts with these ideas? The benefits of water workouts First, water workouts are …Read More

  10. 7 Pre & Post-Workout Summer Skin Care Tips

    As you prepare for a workout or throw your stuff together after completing a tough circuit at the fitness center, taking good care of your skin is probably the last thing on your mind – but it’s important. Working out, especially in the dry summer heat, can wreak havoc on your skin in ways that show up now and for years to come. As you spend time making your body healthy, use these skin care t…Read More