PT-Photo-4-1024x576The Spunk Difference

At Spunk Fitness, our members have access to an extensive variety of superior fitness equipment in a clean and comfortable environment, all for the lowest price available in the industry for as low as $9.99 a month. People ask us, “How can you stay in business with membership rates that low?” The fact is, we’ve eliminated the high cost of traditional health clubs by eliminating sales representatives, child care services, pools, and racquet sports. These types of things are what drastically increase the cost of membership fees at other fitness centers.

The best gyms give their members what they want. We’ve designed our facilities and services without all of the bells and whistles that many don’t want or use. The Spunk fitness center nearest you has more of what you do want: quality fitness equipment and no wait to use it.

Unlike most gyms, Spunk Fitness will not just simply sell you a membership. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and guidance so that you can make real positive changes in your life! All new members meet one on one with our professional Fitness Consultants and based on your assessment results and personal goals a customized fitness “blue-print” is created. This “blue-print” will guarantee your fitness success! For details about our Pro Fit program click here.

We want to ensure that our members are knowledgeable about and comfortable with their fitness programs. When we created Spunk Fitness, we didn’t skimp!  And, our clubs provide FREE towel service! Some of our locations have saunas, steam rooms, and juice bars, and some offer group fitness classes like Zumba, Boot Camp, and Yoga for an additional fee. Find the Spunk Fitness nearest you to see what other amenities we offer.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing our members with:

  • A clean, comfortable, welcoming and fun exercise environment!
  • An abundance of only the latest and greatest cardiovascular and strength training equipment!
  • Free fitness instruction!
  • All at an incredible, mind bogglingly low price!

Our Promise: We’ll never have the “stuff” that you don’t want or use, so you’ll never pay for it!

Our Goal: To provide our members with the absolute best experience and value the fitness industry has to offer!

Our Philosophy: Fitness changes people. By helping one person, we help to change the world – one body at a time.