1. 7 Pre & Post-Workout Summer Skin Care Tips

    As you prepare for a workout or throw your stuff together after completing a tough circuit at the fitness center, taking good care of your skin is probably the last thing on your mind – but it’s important. Working out, especially in the dry summer heat, can wreak havoc on your skin in ways that show up now and for years to come. As you spend time making your body healthy, use these skin care t…Read More

  2. Is Your Gym Partner Helping or Hurting You? Check These 3 Things

    Half the battle of getting into shape is finding the motivation to establish new habits like eating healthier and working out regularly at the fitness center. Many people have found that the best way to get that extra push of motivation is a workout partner: someone who is there to sweat, cry, laugh, and groan about DOMS with you, while encouraging you along the way.   Gym partners can be a g…Read More

  3. 4 Faulty Mindsets that Can Stall Your Weight-Loss Journey

    Losing weight and getting in shape takes discipline, hard work, and time. Although, ultimately, what we do or don’t do is most important, many of our actions start with mindsets and ideas we have about exercise, healthy eating, and fitness. Thought processes can be powerful motivators (just ask anyone who has run a marathon!). In many ways, the mind is stronger than any other muscle in the body.…Read More

  4. National Sun Safety Week: Protect Your Skin During Summer Workouts

    Summer is a great time to take our workouts outside and spend some time soaking up the sunshine. While the sun’s rays provide much of our body’s supply of Vitamin D, they also deliver an unhealthy dose of harmful radiation that can lead to signs of aging and, even worse, skin cancer.   The Sun Safety Alliance has designated June 5th through the 11th as National Sun Safety Week – a time …Read More

  5. 4 Food-Related Obstacles to Lasting Weight Loss

    Weight loss – or, more accurately, fat loss -- is a goal for most of us. The simple formula is to eat less and exercise more at the fitness center, right? But it isn’t always that simple, especially if there are bad eating habits and faulty nutritional mindsets getting in between you and your fitness goals. Consider these food-related obstacles to lasting weight loss. Are you letting any of th…Read More

  6. May 31st is Senior Health and Fitness Day

    This year, May 31st marks the 24th annual observance of National Senior Health and Fitness Day across the U.S. On this day, both large and small organizations host events to spread awareness of senior health concerns and achieve the common goal of helping more older adults stay healthy and fit long into their golden years. To celebrate this focus, here are some of the unique health and fitness con…Read More

  7. Can Food Sensitivities Cause Weight Gain?

    There’s been plenty of hype about food allergies over the last few years. People are going gluten-free, dairy-free, and looking for other things in their diet that might be hurting their health or even hindering their fitness goals. If you’ve wondered if the foods you eat could be affecting your health and fitness, here is some gathered insight from the medical community. Food Sensitivities Ve…Read More

  8. Easy Ways to Improve the 5 Areas of Physical Fitness

    Physical fitness is about more than what you weigh. The U.S. Department of Health designates 5 areas of fitness: body composition, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility. Keeping each of these aspects in balance will achieve the greatest level of fitness for you, individually, at whatever age and stage of life. The main way to do so is through regular a…Read More

  9. Not Just Weight Gain: Causes & Cures for Belly Bloat

    When you experience the feeling of a swollen waistline from time to time, it can’t help but put a damper on your day. Before jumping to the conclusion that you’ve gained weight (despite your commitment to regular workouts at the fitness center and a healthier diet), it’s important to realize that belly bloat can be caused by many things besides how many calories we consume. The most frequent…Read More

  10. Do You Have High Blood Pressure? These 4 Things Can Change It

    May is high blood pressure education month, so we’d like to take some time to talk about it. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure directly ties into your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle at the fitness center. First, you may have heard that high blood pressure (also called hypertension) is one of the leading causes of stroke, and that stroke is the 5th leading cause of death in the United States. …Read More