As you prepare for a workout or throw your stuff together after completing a tough circuit at the fitness center, taking good care of your skin is probably the last thing on your mind – but it’s important. Working out, especially in the dry summer heat, can wreak havoc on your skin in ways that show up now and for years to come. As you spend time making your body healthy,

use these skin care tips to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, too.


  1. If you’re taking your workout outdoors, don’t forget the sunscreen.


It can be easy to forget sunscreen, especially if it’s not sunny outside. Keep in mind that harmful UV rays can still reach your skin, even on a cloudy day. It’s also tempting to purposely avoid it – no one likes putting on a thick layer of greasy sunscreen when they’re getting ready to sweat. These days, there are many options for lightweight, sports-friendly sunscreens that still give your skin the protection it needs.


  1. Don’t wear heavy makeup during a workout.


Ladies, if you hit the gym right after work, this is an easy habit to fall into. Light makeup isn’t usually a problem, but thick makeup can clog your pores and make it harder to sweat (which makes it harder to cool down).


  1. Keep an eye on your fluid intake.


Although studies support the theory that skin hydration has more to do with what you absorb externally (such as a moisturizer), your overall hydration level still has an impact on your skin. Staying hydrated is important for many other reasons, as well.


  1. Don’t touch your face after touching equipment.


After a tough workout, it can be tempting to wipe the sweat off your face with your hands. If you’ve just been touching community gym equipment, you’re probably putting a lot of germs on your face. This can encourage bacteria growth and breakouts. Use your complimentary towel to wipe excess sweat, and always wash your hands after wiping down your gym equipment.


  1. Cleanse and moisturize your face after a workout.


If you can’t get a shower right away after working out, at least cleanse your face to remove oils and bacteria that have been pushed to the surface by sweat, and use a lightweight moisturizer to keep your skin from getting dried out.


  1. Avoid “misting” sprays during a workout.

Some women think that misting sprays will help keep their skin moisturized during a workout, but fitness professionals say they’re not only overrated; they can leave your skin dryer than before! Save your money and follow a simple cleansing and moisturizing routine after your workout.


  1. Watch out for bandanas/headbands, and hats if you’re prone to breakouts.


Bandanas and headbands keep hair and sweat out of our eyes, right? But they can also trap oil and bacteria close to your skin, leading to breakouts along the hairline – especially if your skin tends to be oily, already. If you must wear something on your head, try to keep the fabric or band secured in your hair, off your forehead.


As you prepare for your workout or grab your recovery snack, don’t forget to think about helping your skin prepare and recover, as well.