1. Seasonal Affective Disorder: What You Need To Know

    Now that winter is in full swing, many people are feeling the impact of the colder weather and shorter days. It is common for people to experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the winter months. SAD is a type of depression that occurs at the same time of year, every year. While most people experience seasonal affective disorder during winter, there are also individuals who experience i…Read More

  2. Food Journaling: Track Your Eating Patterns for Long-term Success

    Does it seem like, no matter how hard you work out at the fitness center, the scale isn’t budging? Weight loss plateaus happen for many reasons, but one culprit could be hidden calories. How carefully do you track what you put in your mouth, if you even track it? Even if you’ve been good about eating healthy, prepped meals, little things like calorie-laden espresso drinks, the office candy bow…Read More

  3. The Ketogenic Diet: Is it Safe?

    Have you heard of the ketogenic diet? Some say it’s becoming the hottest new diet trend since the Paleo movement, helping many people achieve the weight loss their fitness center workouts alone haven’t been able to achieve. But it’s not actually that new…and health professionals have mixed opinions on its safety for average, healthy people who want to lose weight and meet fitness goals. Ke…Read More

  4. Late-Night Snacking: Good or Bad for You?

    If you’re confused about whether late-night snacking is good or bad for, or whether the timing of your snacks will impact your fitness center goals, you’re not alone. Late-night trips to the refrigerator are often associated with weight gain and even poor sleep (which, ironically, often triggers the midnight munchies). Some health experts go as far as to pinpoint a certain time you should stop…Read More

  5. Yes, You Can Train Yourself to Love Healthy Foods

    After eating all the rich foods that come with holidays, you think you’ve had your fill. But, ironically, doesn’t it seem even harder to turn down sweets and treats in the following weeks? If only we could learn to acquire such an addiction to healthy foods! The truth is that we can, but it will take more than just wishful thinking. Just like your fitness gym workouts, it takes training, gradu…Read More

  6. 7 Surprising Ways a Pre- or Post-Workout Cup of Joe Can Boost Your Fitness

    Few of us care to live without coffee, yet it supposedly has negative health effects: dehydration, caffeine dependence, interference with sleep, and high blood pressure, to name a few. At the same time, others tout the health benefits of coffee, such as its antioxidants. Which should we believe? As it turns out, they’re both right. In moderation, coffee has many health benefits. You might be sur…Read More

  7. Tips for Time-Efficient Meal Prepping

    Now that the holidays are in full swing, the struggle to keep our nutrition and fitness center workouts in line is bound to get challenging. Meal planning and prepping are key to maintaining progress toward fitness goals through this season, since how we eat most of the time has the greatest impact on our body composition. Having covered meal planning and shopping, let’s look at some tips for ef…Read More

  8. Tips for Grocery Shopping with a Meal Plan

    Having a plan is vital to achieving your fitness goals. When it comes to treating your body right, there are two equally important types of plans: a workout schedule for your fitness center sessions and a meal plan to keep your nutrition and calorie consumption in line. In previous posts, we’ve discussed the importance of meal planning and provided some practical tips for how to do it. Now it’…Read More

  9. Meal Planning 101

    Recently, we discussed the benefits of meal planning for helping you achieve your nutrition, weight loss, or fitness goals. But, like many people, maybe you don’t know where to start. Meal planning seems tedious and time-consuming, or just plain foreign to your usual scramble for whatever food happens to be available. Despite how painful it sounds, meal planning isn’t as difficult as it sounds…Read More

  10. Why Meal Planning is Key to Healthy Eating

    You had full intentions of ordering a salad at lunch today, but when you got to the restaurant with your co-workers, starved after not eating much for breakfast that morning, you just couldn’t resist the hamburger meal deal, and now you feel guilty…and bloated. Most of us have experienced this scenario more times than we’d like to admit, and we blame our lack of willpower. But honestly, it…Read More