When it comes to tanning, there are plenty of mixed opinions. Some people never show concern while others think that tanning is a one-way ticket to skin cancer. However, when used in proper intervals and following approved methods, the UV rays supplied by tanning beds not only help you look great, but they could also help improve certain aspects of your health.

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Health Benefits and Side Effects of Tanning

Skin cancer was a revelation towards the beginning of the 2000s, as people suddenly started to realize that UV rays could cause cancer. Luckily, people have become much more measured with their UV intake, wearing sunscreen on days that they plan on being in the sun for very long or days when the sun is particularly strong. However, humans need sunlight for a number of internal processes. That being said, tanning beds are a reasonable option for health during times when you might not be getting out as much as you should. Here are just a few of the things that UV rays have shown some benefit in treating:

Blood Pressure — Whether it be because they’re nervous about the effects of sunlight or because they just don’t have time to get outdoors during a busy schedule, some people just don’t get enough sunlight. One thing that scientists know helps with blood pressure is sunlight. Nitric oxide in the top layers of the skin is activated by sunlight, which then helps to widen blood vessels, thus lowering blood pressure. This has led some scientists to believe that UV rays could be particularly beneficial for those with high blood pressure. So, if you can’t find the time to get outside, then tanning bed appointments may be able to help you and your blood pressure.

Skin Disorders — As we discussed above, UV rays have a bad reputation for their effect on skin, but did you know that some of the worst skin blemishes can be treated with UV rays? It’s not all about aesthetics either; skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, and more can be painful and affect how a person lives from day to day. UV rays are used in a variety of ways to help reduce the severity of these diseases by inhibiting the growth of the affected cells.

Mood and Depression — Maybe the most important benefit of tanning beds, studies have shown that the same type of UV light that is used in tanning beds helps people improve their mood and lower their depression level. Participants reported feeling more balanced, less nervous, and more strengthened and robust, and that’s just how it affected their mood. Regular depression lessened as well, with 4 out of 5 studies finding improved results on depression tests after regular treatments. That being said, if you have a busy schedule and your opportunities to get outside are limited, then occasional tanning bed visits could help give you a temporary boost as well as help improve your mental health over time.

Taking a Safe Approach With Tanning Beds

Of course, we’re not going to tell you that tanning beds are completely safe, as there is plenty of science to prove otherwise, but too much of anything is usually a bad thing. The same is true of UV rays. If you’re outside seven days a week, then we wouldn’t recommend using a tanning bed on a regular basis. However, if you’re going through a stretch in your life where you just can’t get outside enough, then tanning beds could help with a number of issues that you might be experiencing, all while giving you an attractive summertime glow throughout the year.

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