High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, workouts are very popular right now. This rigorous exercise technique involves quick bursts of exercise followed by brief recovery periods. The idea behind it is to create a need for more oxygen post-workout, which creates Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), burning more fat and calories for hours after you leave the gym.

Speed up metabolism

The combination of interval training and intense, high-powered movement means that you are increasing your metabolic rate, which is why you burn fat for hours afterward. The effects on your metabolism can last for up to two days after your workout.

Boost your endurance

Studies show that short but intense workouts increase your endurance, which translates over to more moderate exercises as well.

Do it anywhere, anytime

Because the idea is to keep your body moving with little rest, you don’t need weights, equipment, or a even a gym membership to do HIIT workouts. All you need is a plan! You can find hundreds of HIIT workout plans online; we’ll even include one at the bottom of this blog!

Save time

Most HIIT workouts are less than 30 minutes long due to the intensity. Because HIIT workouts involve half the time commitment of moderate exercise, you can’t make the excuse that you “don’t have time” to workout. This makes it easier to stick to a HIIT workout plan because you can fit it easily into your schedule.

Now that you see how beneficial HIIT can be, why not try a workout for yourself? Boost your metabolism and elevate your heart rate with our HIIT workout below.

Spunk Fitness HIIT Workout

50 jumping jacks

30-second rest

50 crunches

30-second rest

50 squats

30-second rest

30 seconds of burpees

30-second rest

50 push ups

30-second rest

50 lunges

At Spunk Fitness, we love HIIT workouts, and would love to share them with you at one of our locations in order to guarantee you have proper form. if you are interested in our gym membership, contact Spunk Fitness today!