1. Meal Planning and Other Tips to Stay Fit This Winter

    Whatever time of the year it is, exercising has to be a serious commitment in order to maintain your health or improve your physique. However, wintertime makes us want to cozy up and enjoy the warmth of the indoors. There’s no one to blame — for thousands of years we had to! If you really want to stay fit in the winter, then you just have to overcome the hurdle of your human nature. With the r…Read More

  2. Exercise, Tan, and Plan For Summertime Step by Step

    It seems to be the same every year: just when you’ve reached a summertime look you love, cold weather is just around the corner. You don’t have to lose all the progress you’ve made just because it’s so cozy inside! Come to Spunk Fitness in Newark, Silver Spring, or Golden Ring and next summer you’ll be ahead of the curve. There are a ton of obvious benefits to exercising through the wint…Read More