As a health club, we often see that at the start of the year, it’s common for people to want to become healthier, but they fail as they lose steam. This is largely because people have unrealistic expectations about what they can fit into their lives. Instead of making a lofty goal, like losing 20 pounds in a month, it is better to implement small, healthy habits into our daily lives.

Eat mindfully

Many people do not spend much time thinking about what they are eating. In fact, they may actively avoid it as to not face the fact that they are eating unhealthily. One way to combat this is to tune in when we eat. Do not zone out in front of the computer or TV while you are eating; instead, make your meals an event in their own right. Sit at the table, eat slowly, breathe, and check in with your body. After your meal, consider how that food made your body feel. This will help you make better choices in the future.

Eat your veggies

Your mother told you to, but many people still do not get enough vegetables in their diets. Loading up on vegetables will make you feel fuller for longer, and has a lot more nutritional value than the junk food you crave. Even if you don’t like the way vegetables taste, there are ways to sneak vegetables into your meals without tasting them. For example, putting spinach into smoothies, or baking sweet potatoes into brownies.

Eat more protein

Eating high-protein meals makes you feel fuller for longer. This will help you resist the urge to snack on empty calories like potato chips or candy. Opt for lean protein, such as tofu or skinless chicken breast, over a hamburger.

Bring your lunch to work

It is easy for calories to add up when you are constantly going out to eat. By preparing your lunch ahead of time, you can save both money and your health. Stick to simple options, such as a veggie wrap, tuna salad, or a hearty soup.
It is not easy to be healthy sometimes, but making small changes to your diet can make a big difference. For more nutritional and fitness tips, join our health club, Spunk Fitness, today!