Wearable fitness tracking devices have become a convenient and popular way for many people to keep themselves accountable for making all-around changes to their health. Since the first of these fitness trackers (the Nike+ iPod) appeared about a decade ago, many companies, including well-known Fitbit, have continued to crank out new models and ever-advancing technology to help gym-goers get the most out of their workouts.

One of the latest of these is a new smartwatch-meets-fitness-tracker created by Fitbit, which was just released to stores this October. If you’re curious about what features the Fitbit Ionic has to offer or you’re in the market for another wearable, here’s the lowdown on this new piece of fitness tech.


The product profile

The Ionic is lightweight, but its aluminum structure give it a durable appearance. It features a bright multi-color display and comes in 3 colors with variety of band options. One of the functional improvements, overall, is its battery life —its designers claim it can go up to 4 days before it needs a charge.

The Ionic will start at $300, so you may need to start saving up for it. One idea is to cut out fast food and eating out for a month — you’ll be serving the dual purpose of improving your diet, as well!


The tech: there’s more of it

While the rest of Fitbit’s devices have focused on fitness features, some are saying the Ionic is its first true smartwatch. The Ionic has a software platform capable of wireless digital payments that will eventually support hundreds of third-party apps.

As of October, it supports four: Pandora, Starbucks, Strava, and a weather app. It’s also compatibility with a new set of headphones, the Fitbit Flyer, also due to be released to stores in October.


Heightened health and fitness features with new sensors

The most important features are its fitness features, of course, and the Ionic is loaded with the types of features that will help you keep track of your workouts and your fitness improvements.

The Ionic offers an all-new Fitbit Coach, personal training, a running companion with GPS, a swimming mode, and enhanced heart rate technology. What’s more, the watch is adding a new sensor that detects blood oxygen levels. What does this mean for your health? Well, the company says they’re developing the sensor to be able to track oxygen-related health disorders such as sleep apnea.


Do you really need the newest wearable?

The Fitbit Ionic has plenty of cool and helpful features for getting stats and motivation for your workouts, but it’s not the only way to be successful in your journey to better health. Coming up with a strategy, planning your workouts with a friend, and building a consistent habit of hitting the fitness center will go a long way for less money. Find what works for you, and stick with it.