Just like peanut butter goes with jelly and Barack goes with Michelle, you and your workout buddy just make sense together. Whether you jog together in the morning, hit a fitness class over lunch, or pump iron after dinner, your workout buddy is your cheerleader, therapist, and personal trainer, all rolled into one. Without an excellent workout buddy, many of us wouldn’t be able to achieve our fitness goals. Here are some of the reasons why you should take some time out of your day today to give a shoutout to this special person in your life.

They make you show up

One of the most important ways a workout buddy can help you with your fitness goals is by actually forcing you to show up. This doesn’t mean that your buddy has to pound on your front door to physically drag you to every workout; in general, social pressure is sufficient to motivate us to workout. You may feel the strong need to skip your fitness class after work, but the thought of your workout buddy in class alone and disappointed is enough to get you to the gym. Thank your buddy for simply establishing accountability for your workout routine.

They motivate you to work harder

Research shows that having a workout buddy not only makes you show up to the gym, you actually work harder when you workout with someone else. A study by Michigan State University found that women who spin pedaled twice as long when they believed they had a virtual workout buddy than those who were riding solo. Research indicates that for best results, you should pair up with a buddy who is slightly fitter than you for maximum motivation.

In our next blog, we will continue to go over reasons to love your gym buddy. In the meantime, when you need a gym that will support your workout goals, try Spunk Fitness! We offer excellent membership deals for our gym.