In our last blog, we went over why it is important to love your workout. Now that you know WHY you should love your workout, you are probably wondering HOW to find one you love. Of course, because there is such a cornucopia of choices out there for you, you might be struggling to decide where to start. Here are some tips for finding the right workout for you to fall in love with.

Try Something New

You will never know you like something until you try it! If nothing you have ever done to exercise really strikes your fancy as something you could do consistently, it’s time to try something new. Grab a friend and head to a new fitness class! While this class may not be one you plan to attend regularly, it can help you determine what type of workout to look for. For example, you might hit a spin class and like the loud music and intense energy, but not the bike element, so a kickboxing class might be a better fit. Trying new things gives you a better picture of the workout of your dreams.

Find the Right Time

Even if you really enjoy yoga, you might find that the 5 a.m. class you have been signing up for and skipping the last few weeks is simply unrealistic for your schedule. Regardless of how much you actually enjoy doing an exercise, if it isn’t realistic for your schedule, it is going to be hard to fit it in consistently. When shopping around for a new workout routine, consider the best time for you to workout: do you like getting up early and getting it out of the way, or would you rather sleep in and wait to hit the gym after work? Seriously consider what time of day is best for you to workout, and find an exercise that fits into that schedule.

Prioritize Convenience

Incorporating working out into your routine means that you have to put some time towards your fitness goals. This means that you don’t have time to waste getting across town every time you need to workout. For example, while the idea of karate may intrigue you, if it is 45 minutes to the nearest karate studio, it is unrealistic to think that you are going to go with any regularity. Therefore, when scoping out your ideal workout, it’s crucial to pick from a selection of options that will actually be convenient to you. Look for a gym membership to a fitness center that is near your home or your work.

Have Patience

If you have found a workout that you enjoy doing, but don’t feel like you are getting the results you want or need, have patience. While some workouts may burn a ton of calories and show results almost immediately, if it isn’t something you love to do, you are not likely to invest any time in it after you get moderate results, causing you to backslide on your goals. It is more important to find an exercise that you love to do than one that is going to make you drop a lot of weight instantly. If you have found something you genuinely like doing and find easy to fit into your schedule, that is extremely valuable. Stick to it and give it a chance to give you the results you want. Also consider other lifestyle factors, such as stress, sleep, and diet, that may be contributing to your lack of results.

Get a Buddy

If you are struggling to get to the gym on your own, a workout buddy may be just what you need to motivate yourself. Even if the type of workout isn’t at the absolute top of your list of things you love to do, if you love spending time with this friend and hate to disappoint them, it will keep you coming back over and over again. Recruit someone you love spending time with and have a lot of respect for to be your buddy, and you will enjoy your workout and keep going consistently.

At Spunk Fitness, our owner Bernie Caplan designed our gym memberships to ensure that everyone could get a great workout, regardless of what type of workout they wish to do. When you’re looking for a gym membership, contact Spunk Fitness today.