It seems to be the same every year: just when you’ve reached a summertime look you love, cold weather is just around the corner. You don’t have to lose all the progress you’ve made just because it’s so cozy inside! Come to Spunk Fitness in Newark, Silver Spring, or Golden Ring and next summer you’ll be ahead of the curve.

There are a ton of obvious benefits to exercising through the winter, but you could do that anywhere. At Spunk Fitness, you’ll get a number of extra features that are focused on getting you to look and feel great. We can get you on a plan for success with our services that you wouldn’t find at other low-cost gyms.

Where It Starts: 3-D Body Scanning

If you’re just becoming a gym member, then you might as well see what level of fitness you’re starting with. With body scanning technology from FIT-3D, we can give you a comprehensive look at everything you need to know in order to move onto workout and meal plans that work for you. These are just a few of the beneficial tidbits we can learn with body scanning:

  • Circumference Measurements — The most basic of the functions performed by our body scanning, but it’s still something many people use as a baseline for measuring their progress. You’ll receive accurate measurements in just over 40 seconds!
  • Body Composition — Our body scanning technology gets a little more advanced at this stage, where we can tell you not only how much you weigh, but also your body fat percentage and the amount of overall weight that you carry in fat vs lean mass.
  • Body Shape Rating (BSR) — Your BSR is a relatively new tool for the public to use in monitoring their health. The 3-D body scanner takes its scan and returns a BSR rating from 0-100. This is extremely important to monitor cardiovascular health because where fat forms on your body can indicate how high your risk is for cardiovascular problems. Once we know this, as well as things like your trunk-to-leg ratio and how much weight you carry in your midsection, then we can start with meal and exercise plans that cater to your needs.
  • Basal Metabolic Rate — A major feature of 3-D body scanning technology is showing you your base metabolic rate. Most simply put, it is a measure of how many calories your body burns while resting. Of course, you’ll have to vary your calorie intake based on the amount of activity you’re planning to do, but this rate will give you an idea of how much you should consume on a daily basis.

Once we know all this, we can move on to personalized exercise and diet plans that will get you closer to your “summertime” body.

Meal Planning and Nutrition

If you’re considering joining a gym or exercising regularly, then you probably understand that fad diets and miracle solutions don’t work. The real way to a healthier body and a likely happier life is meal and nutrition planning catered to your own body along with adequate amounts of exercise. Our personal trainers can work with you on meal planning that fits your lifestyle and goals. You don’t have to be training for competition or recognition. Whatever your personal health goals are, we can help you get there.

With membership, you’ll gain access to our meal and nutrition planning partner — Vitabot. Along with our experienced trainers and body scanning system, Vitabot will help you set up a diet plan that works for you and your body. Even with healthy foods, there are risks to overloading on certain nutrients. However, with Vitabot, you can put in the type of foods you like and using that along with your current state of health and health goals, Vitabot will put together meal plans that provide balance. For example, when you’re thinking about having a snack, Vitabot will present something it knows you like that will also help you fill out your nutritional needs for the day.

The last step you need to take, once you’ve established where you are and where you want to be, is diving into your exercise plan head first so that you can lay by the pool with comfort and confidence when the time comes.

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Our Pro Fitness Program

While all of our members have access to trainers who can provide them with tips and support along their fitness journey, we recommend getting on our Pro Fitness Program. No, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to train like a professional athlete. What it does mean is that you’ll be led into a healthier body with health education, personal accountability, and increasing physical results.

At Spunk Fitness, our low-cost gym model is built for real people who seriously want to keep their health in check. Leaving out frills such as saunas and swimming pools allows us to put money into programs like this one that set you up for a safe fitness journey with realistic goals and expectations.

With the help of our trainers, you’ll start with a fitness consultation and assessment that covers your physical history, your present physical fitness, and your goals for the future. After the initial consultation, we will help you develop a plan to help you meet those goals. Over the course of a year, we’ll track your progress and have consultations every 90 days in order to ensure everything is going as planned. If it’s not, we can adjust from there in order to get you back on track or on your way to a reassessed goal.

One of the reasons our Pro Fitness Program works is because it caters to everybody. Whether you’re a senior, a veteran athlete, or someone who’s just getting into a healthier lifestyle, we can help you reach your fitness goals. We can even cater the plan to more exercise outside the gym when that warmer weather does finally roll around!

Once You’ve Laid the Groundwork, Lay Your Base Coat

Now that you’ve gotten your body scan, got your meal plan set up, and you’re exercising regularly, you can focus on one of the more relaxing aspects of coming to Spunk Fitness. We have tanning beds at all of our locations, so even on the harshest winter days, you can look and feel like you just enjoyed a day in the sun. However, with our low-cost model, none of our equipment is purely for thrills.

Did you know that tanning has been found to increase vitamin D production? Getting enough vitamin D is critical to maintaining a positive outlook and can help combat seasonal affective disorder. Not only can our tanning help give you a glow, but it can also help get you through the darkest days of winter and keep up your motivation to stay in the gym! If you don’t feel as though you need the mental boost tanning can provide, then you can just use it to put the finishing touches on your new physique before stepping out for the summer!

Start The Process Today!

Good things do usually come to those who wait, but that phrase doesn’t much apply to diet and exercise. How you treat your body on any given day could have ramifications far down the road. It’s always a good time to start living healthier. Contact Spunk Fitness when you’re ready to take the necessary steps!