1. 6 Tips for Eliminating Excess Sugar from Your Diet

    Many of us would admit we consume too many sugary foods, so reducing them is one of the first healthy changes we try to make when starting a fitness center program. We all know that excess sugar causes tooth decay, heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain, but it’s a hard habit to beat. The American Heart Association recommends men consume less than nine teaspoons (37.5 grams) and women less tha…Read More

  2. 7 Easy Dieting Tips

    When you are trying to lose weight, it can be daunting. However, dieting doesn’t have to be a disaster. Read our dieting tips to make losing weight less overwhelming. If you adopt these simple tips, you may find that it makes a big difference in your weight loss success. Cut out soda If you are a regular soda drinker, you would likely be shocked by the amount of weight you can lose simply by cut…Read More

  3. Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

    You have been working your butt off (or trying to, at least), but that number on the scale still won’t budge. Though this can be disheartening, don’t give up now! All that means is that it is time to reassess your fitness plan and pinpoint exactly what is preventing your weight loss. Here are some possible reasons you could be hitting a plateau: You aren’t drinking enough water Staying well-…Read More

  4. Tips for Eating Healthier at Restaurants

    Eating out at restaurants is a fun, social activity to indulge in, but it often leads us to binge on calories. Between huge portions and the amount of fried food and butter, it is no wonder that a single dinner entree can have upwards of 1,000 calories at most major restaurant chains. However, that does not mean you have to miss out on a fun night out. If you set guidelines for yourself and exhibi…Read More

  5. Surprising Benefits Of Regular Exercise

    Everyone knows the more obvious benefits of working out regularly: you can lose weight and keep it off, build muscle tone, and improve your overall health. However, there are many benefits that come from regular exercise of which not everyone is aware. Below, we have composed a list of unexpected health benefits that come with exercising regularly. Regular exercise: Reduces stress Many people do n…Read More

  6. 3 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

    As you have probably heard by now, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism in the morning, gives you the energy you need to get moving, and ensures that you eat less throughout the day. There are tons of options available when it comes to breakfast; however, with busy schedules and different plates to juggle, many people either end up getting st…Read More

  7. Foods To Fuel Your Workout

    If your body was a car, food would be the gasoline you use to keep it going. If you want to be productive and get somewhere, you need a full tank of gas. However, not all foods are created equal. There are some pre-workout snacks that will help you build muscle, shed fat, and increase your endurance. Before you come in to your favorite fitness center, Spunk Fitness, here are some foods that will g…Read More

  8. Simple Healthy Eating Habits To Adopt

    As a health club, we often see that at the start of the year, it’s common for people to want to become healthier, but they fail as they lose steam. This is largely because people have unrealistic expectations about what they can fit into their lives. Instead of making a lofty goal, like losing 20 pounds in a month, it is better to implement small, healthy habits into our daily lives. Eat mindful…Read More

  9. Monitoring Your Heart Rate to Get the Most out of Gym Sessions

    Heart-rate monitoring is a time-tested method to make sure you’re getting the maximum cardio-respiratory benefits from your fitness center workouts. The main objective is to stay within your pre-determined target heart rate zone for the duration of your chosen activity. If you’ve never used this method to gauge the intensity of your workouts, there’s no better time to start than now. Here’…Read More

  10. Lowering Your Cholesterol Through Diet

    In a culture full of drive thrus and junk food commercials, high cholesterol is a concern for many Americans. Cholesterol is a necessary substance for your body; it helps make hormones, bile acids, vitamin D, and other substances. However, too much cholesterol can build up in your arteries, causing plaque, which hardens your arteries and increases your risk of heart attack and stroke.   If yo…Read More