1. Meal Planning 101

    Recently, we discussed the benefits of meal planning for helping you achieve your nutrition, weight loss, or fitness goals. But, like many people, maybe you don’t know where to start. Meal planning seems tedious and time-consuming, or just plain foreign to your usual scramble for whatever food happens to be available. Despite how painful it sounds, meal planning isn’t as difficult as it sounds…Read More

  2. Why Meal Planning is Key to Healthy Eating

    You had full intentions of ordering a salad at lunch today, but when you got to the restaurant with your co-workers, starved after not eating much for breakfast that morning, you just couldn’t resist the hamburger meal deal, and now you feel guilty…and bloated. Most of us have experienced this scenario more times than we’d like to admit, and we blame our lack of willpower. But honestly, it…Read More

  3. Why Sitting is So Dangerous for Your Health

    Some people say exercising too much (or too intensely) at the fitness center is harmful to your health. Although that could be true in certain cases, there’s much more scientific backing for the reality that sitting too much can literally take years off your life. Even if you exercise for one hour a day (more than the CDC0-recommended 30 minutes a day), following that up by sitting for more than…Read More

  4. Avoid These 6 Types of Eating for Lasting Weight Loss

    Experts have been giving us the simple formula for weight loss for years: eat less, exercise more. It may seem easier to throw in extra workouts at the fitness center than to gain control of our eating habits, but recent studies have shown that what we eat has a greater impact on our weight than how active we are, in spite of the health benefits. If you’re stuck at a weight loss plateau even aft…Read More

  5. The Best Strategies for Surviving Halloween on a Diet

    Halloween is just around the corner. For most of us adults, that no longer means dressing up and driving around the subdivision to collect sweets from total strangers, but it does mean a close encounter with foods that are definitely not on our diets. Whether you choose to practice self-control or indulge responsibly, here are some tips and strategies to help you succeed without undoing all your h…Read More

  6. Tips for Avoiding Fall Weight Gain

    A study conducted in 2000 revealed that Americans gain an average 1.5 pounds between two key holidays – Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. While this isn’t too surprising, the trend can start as early as September or October if you’re tempted by sugary seasonal treats like pumpkin spice lattes, baked apple pies, Halloween candy, and warm comfort foods like casseroles and pastas. Combine an i…Read More

  7. Need to Drink More Water? Boost Your Metabolism While You’re at It

    We can all stand to drink more water. Besides making up 60 percent of our bodies, it’s vital for most daily processes, including the distribution of nutrients to muscles after a hard workout at the fitness center. Obviously, drinking water hydrates us, but did you know it can also boost your metabolism?   Detox diets take advantage of water’s toxin-flushing abilities, but it can do more f…Read More

  8. How Much Weight Do You Need to Lose?

    Do you think you need to lose weight? When asked this question, most would say yes and even throw out a number – 10 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds. Acknowledging the need to lose weight is an important first step to improving both health and fitness, but what is it based on –actual need, or appearances? Influenced by images in the media, many people get the wrong impression they need to weigh l…Read More

  9. Combat Childhood Obesity with These Nutrition & Fitness Steps

    In September, families with school-aged children settle back into a busy routine full of sedentary activities and less healthy eating habits. Considering this national trend, one out of every three children in the U.S. is either overweight or obese. There’s also a 70% chance obese children will remain overweight into adulthood.  As National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, September is a good…Read More

  10. Are Your Exercising Too Much? Look for These Signs

    Most people have a hard time finding motivation to make it to the fitness center, but some struggle with the opposite problem – spending too much time there. Exercise is great for you, but, like many other great things in life (like dessert), it’s possible to get too much of a good thing. Our bodies need one to two days of rest a week, and if you’ve been putting in extremely intense workouts…Read More