1. High Reps/Light Weights or Low Reps/Heavy Weight: Which Is Better?

    Lifting weights is pretty uncomplicated: pick a weight, choose a move, and crank out as many reps as you can. Other than making sure to use proper lifting technique and, if you’re lifting really heavy, grabbing a friend at the fitness center to spot for you, there’s not much to it. No fancy machinery necessary, no formula to figure out -- just you and some iron. But, like most types of exercis…Read More

  2. More Reasons to Love Your Workout Buddy

    Your gym buddy is the reason you workout as much as you do, so it’s time to give them the appreciation they deserve. In our last blog, we started going over reasons why your workout buddy deserves some serious kudos. In this blog, we will continue to give the workout buddies a shoutout for all they do. They give you someone to talk to The beauty of workout buddies is that you have someone to tal…Read More

  3. In Appreciation of Your Workout Buddy

    Just like peanut butter goes with jelly and Barack goes with Michelle, you and your workout buddy just make sense together. Whether you jog together in the morning, hit a fitness class over lunch, or pump iron after dinner, your workout buddy is your cheerleader, therapist, and personal trainer, all rolled into one. Without an excellent workout buddy, many of us wouldn’t be able to achieve our f…Read More

  4. 5 Big Reasons to Stick to Your Weight-Loss Goals

    Everyone has their own reasons for losing weight. Whether you want to feel more comfortable with your body, improve your overall health, or tone up, you started your weight loss journey for good reasons. However, staying motivated to lose weight is easier said than done. You can make as many ambitious goals as you want, but when you are dealing with your daily stresses, it can be difficult to keep…Read More

  5. The Best Strategies for Surviving Halloween on a Diet

    Halloween is just around the corner. For most of us adults, that no longer means dressing up and driving around the subdivision to collect sweets from total strangers, but it does mean a close encounter with foods that are definitely not on our diets. Whether you choose to practice self-control or indulge responsibly, here are some tips and strategies to help you succeed without undoing all your h…Read More

  6. 5 Tips for Avoiding Knee Injuries

    Most of us have experienced the frustration of knee pain or knee injuries at some point in our fitness journey. Women are about 10 times more likely to suffer an ACL injury than men, a statistic John Hopkins recently linked to lower testosterone. Others might have a family history of arthritis and other joint problems that predispose them to this frustrating problem. Whatever your situation, you s…Read More

  7. Training Mistakes Every Runner Makes

    As one of the highest calorie-burning activities, running is the cardio workout of choice for many of us who want to lose weight while improving cardiovascular fitness. It’s simple, adaptable to every fitness level, and can be done outside or on a treadmill at the fitness center. Even though running is fairly straight-forward, key training mistakes common to both new and seasoned runners can res…Read More

  8. Avoid These 7 Common Treadmill Running Mistakes

    Running is one of the most natural movements for the human body, but it’s still possible to do it wrong.  Poor running form negatively affects efficiency and speed while increasing the potential for injuries. Even seasoned runners need a reminder of good form now and then, since bad habits have a tendency to creep in over time. If you’re a runner, check for these common treadmill running mist…Read More

  9. Precision Running: Take the Dread out of Treadmill Workouts

    Even in the motivational atmosphere of a lively fitness center, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your workout routine – especially when it comes to the treadmill. If you’re just getting started, running for a certain amount of time can be enough of a challenge, but as your cardiovascular fitness improves and running gets easier, your workouts should get harder. This is where many of us f…Read More

  10. Tips for Avoiding Fall Weight Gain

    A study conducted in 2000 revealed that Americans gain an average 1.5 pounds between two key holidays – Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. While this isn’t too surprising, the trend can start as early as September or October if you’re tempted by sugary seasonal treats like pumpkin spice lattes, baked apple pies, Halloween candy, and warm comfort foods like casseroles and pastas. Combine an i…Read More