1. 7 Fitspirational Quotes To Motivate You This Year

    It’s a new year, which means we are seeing a lot of new faces here at Spunk Fitness. No complaints here; we love welcoming new members to our health club! Whether you are looking to lose fat or pack on muscle, a gym membership with Spunk Fitness means that you will be in a supportive community that wants you to succeed. Are you in need of a little motivation to keep working towards your goals? W…Read More

  2. 5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Fitness Success

    January is often termed the “Black Friday” for fitness centers because so many people rush to the gym with high hopes of knocking out the fitness resolutions they made on New Year’s Eve. This eagerness is commendable, but just a few months later, the 5 a.m. crowd has thinned out substantially. Statistics indicate that by the end of the year, only 8 percent of people who make New Year’s res…Read More

  3. 4 Strategies for Finally Achieving Those New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

    It’s that time of year again. Are you one of the 38 percent of Americans who never (or no longer) make New Year’s resolutions because you always fail to follow through with them? The negativity tied to New Year’s resolutions is hard to get past, but that doesn’t make prioritizing fitness center sessions and healthier eating habits any less important. So, what should you do? First, it might…Read More

  4. Anticipate These Fitness Trends for 2017

    Once again, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has released the results of its annual fitness trend survey. Here are the top ten trends in order of how they were ranked by 1800 fitness professionals from around the world: • Wearable tech • Bodyweight training • High intensity interval training (HIIT) • Demand for highly trained and experienced fitness professionals • Strength…Read More

  5. 6 Tips for Getting Your Kids into Fitness

    As a regular at the fitness gym, you’ve made exercise a priority, but have you thought about your children’s fitness, as well? It’s easy to assume kids get enough activity naturally and don’t have to worry about their fitness until later in life, but it’s the habits that are set in motion in childhood that will make a different in their health and fitness for years to come. Education Is …Read More

  6. Three Keys for Taking the “Work” out of Cardio Workouts

    Unless you’re one of those rare people who enjoys running, cardio isn’t included in the list of our favorite things. In fact, it would probably top the list in a poll on which type of conditioning people dread the most. Why does cardio seem like so much more work than, say, weightlifting? One of the likely answers is that cardio can get monotonous, especially if you’re using a stationary mac…Read More

  7. Morning Habits That Set You Up For Success

    If you are like many people, your day starts something like this: blurry-eyed and yawning, you wake only because your annoying alarm clock won’t stop blaring. You might hit the snooze button two or three times before you can finally climb out from under your comforter, only looking forward to the moment when you can crawl back into bed at the end of the day. Because you spent so much time procra…Read More

  8. All About Brown Fat

    The majority of the fat in our bodies is composed of white adipose tissue, or white fat, which is the kind that you probably think of when you think of body fat. It stores the excess of calories we consume and tends to form around the hips, thighs, buttocks, and belly. Too much white fat puts you at higher risk for a variety of health conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. While …Read More

  9. Why Sitting is So Dangerous for Your Health

    Some people say exercising too much (or too intensely) at the fitness center is harmful to your health. Although that could be true in certain cases, there’s much more scientific backing for the reality that sitting too much can literally take years off your life. Even if you exercise for one hour a day (more than the CDC0-recommended 30 minutes a day), following that up by sitting for more than…Read More

  10. Sticking to Your Fitness Goals This Winter

    Winter is coming, which means it is time to amp up your workout routine. Many of us respond to the cooler weather by curling up on the couch with a bag of potato chips, delaying our workout for another day. However, now is not the time to give up on your fitness goals. In fact, there are many reasons why winter is time to double-down on your workouts and push yourself even harder. One of them is t…Read More