1. Benefits of Stretching

    As a result of research over the past several decades, there is controversy about the benefits of static stretching prior to exercise.  Some research has determined that static stretching can hinder explosive movements, and if not done properly can promote instability in a joint.  Most experts now agree that one should warm up by doing light cardiovascular exercises, such as slow jogging, for 5 …Read More

  2. Endurance

    Endurance, or aerobic, activities increase your breathing and heart rate.  These activities help keep you healthy, improve your fitness, and help you do the tasks you need to do every day.  Endurance exercises improve the health of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system.  They also delay or prevent many diseases that are common in older adults such as diabetes, colon and breast cancers, hear…Read More

  3. Target Heart Rate

    Target Heart Rate simply means the heart rate range that’s best for a given individual.  The target heart rate zone is generally calculated by using a percentage of one’s maximum heart rate, which is the maximum number of beats per minute the heart of an individual is capable of beating based on their age and physical condition.  An estimate of a person’s maximum age-related heart rate can…Read More

  4. Exercise vs Activity

    Two terms used in wellness discussions are physical activity and physical exercise. They often are used interchangeably, but they are not the same. Both terms refer to voluntary movements that burn calories. Physical activities are activities that get your body moving such as gardening, walking the dog, raking leaves, and taking the stairs. Exercise is a form of physical activity that is specific…Read More

  5. Strength

    Strength training, also called weight training, is performing any type of resistance exercise that will build the strength and/or size of the skeletal muscles.  There are a variety of ways in which you can strength training.  Of course, the most common is by using weight machines at the gym.  The benefit of weight machines is that they isolate each muscle group and also provide a level of comfo…Read More

  6. Balance

    Balance is one of the least discussed components of a complete fitness program.  Your balance system includes any sense within the body that sends messages to the brain about how you are moving; in turn the brain activates the appropriate muscles that allow you to move without falling.  Technically the word that relates to body balance is proprioception; this means the body’s ability to interp…Read More

  7. Flexibility

    Stretching can help your body stay flexible and limber, which gives you more freedom of movement for your regular physical activity, as well as your everyday activities.  Being able to easily and comfortably look over your shoulder as you back-up a car, putting on your socks, or cutting your toe nails, all require some level of flexibility.  Maintaining flexibility is an important aspect to good…Read More