1. What to Do When They Discontinue Your Favorite Workout Shoes

    Most of us have a favorite brand and model of workout shoes for every activity, whether running, lifting weights at the fitness center, or playing sports. In fact, we simply won’t workout in anything else! This isn’t just a matter of preference or style, but comfort -- everyone knows that if your feet aren’t happy, it makes for a miserable workout. So, after a long search to satisfy your fee…Read More

  2. Improve your Mental Toughness for Better Workouts

    Don’t you admire athletes who push themselves to victory despite injuries, sickness, and unfavorable odds? Do you wonder how they do it? Although each situation is unique, there’s at least one common denominator in the most inspiring victories: mental toughness. If you can’t get your head in the game, it’s hard to accomplish anything – no matter how prepared you are. Your body may capabl…Read More

  3. 3 Natural Cures for Cellulite

    Cellulite is a word that strikes fear into the heart of every woman, no matter how fit she is. Appearing as unsightly dimples in the skin is, cellulite is the term for free-floating fat cells. As women age, their skin loosens and the fibrous support tissue that keeps fat cells in place weakens with it. It’s also tied to genetics and hormone levels, which is why some women seem to struggle with i…Read More

  4. The Good and Bad of Social Media and Your Exercise Habits

    Social media is an important part of our lives in the 21st century. Nearly every activity we do has become tied to it in some way, including exercise. For example, many of us use socially-networked apps to log workouts at the fitness center, regularly post our fitness tracker stats to Facebook, or take pictures of ourselves after a sweaty workout for the benefit of Instagram. Socially media can be…Read More

  5. The Latest in Wearable Fitness Tech: Real-Time Tracking and AI Coaching

    Wearable fitness trackers continue to gain popularity, mostly thanks to their ability to read and store fitness-related data like heart rate, mileage, speed, and form. Analyzing this data helps people know where they’re at with their goals to get stronger and leaner, and what they need to focus on the next time they hit the fitness center. Fitness trackers can help you stay motivated, but for th…Read More

  6. Are You Suffering from Fitness Technology Overload?

    Wearable technology, gym equipment with advanced programming, GPS trackers, smart clothing – we’re living in the age where technology has become an integral part of how we work out, whether in or outside the walls of a fitness center. Technology helps us stay motivated, track our progress, and be more deliberate about reaching our goals, but it can also have a negative impact on our workouts i…Read More

  7. What is Intuitive Training and How Can it Improve My Results?

    Imagine this scenario: you’re stiff and sore from yesterday’s lower-body work during your fitness gym session, you think you might have tweaked something in your lower back, and you didn’t sleep well. Despite these warning signs, you agree to your friend’s invitation to check out a new killer boot camp class after work. Does this sound like someone who’s listening to their body? Of cours…Read More

  8. Having a Hard Time Kick-starting Your Journey to Better Health? Take a Fitness Vacation

    The modern lifestyle make it difficult to treat our bodies well. From lack of sleep to long hours sitting at a desk, to limited time for exercise and cooking healthy meals, it seems like life is working against us and our fitness goals. If you’re having difficulty finding time to treat your body right, have you ever considered going on a fitness vacation? We use vacations to get away from the ro…Read More

  9. Are You Making These 4 Common Post-Workout Mistakes?

    Getting to the fitness center is the first step. Then you need to make it through the workout. That’s all you need to do to see results, right? Well, not exactly. What you do immediately after your workouts can also impact how quickly you recover, and the fitness results you see. Avoid these four common post-workout mistakes, and you’ll be sure to get the most out of your fitness gym sessions.…Read More

  10. A New Fitness Trend for 2017: Crawling & Movement

    Every year we see something new in the fitness world, or at least something old that’s been re-stylized and given a new name. One of those things is the “crawling” trend. Could crawling replace the plank? The current take on crawling for exercise is credited to Tim Anderson’s 2011 book Becoming Bulletproof and his fitness company, Original Strength. Anderson and others suggest that the fir…Read More