1. Exercise and Sleep: What’s the Connection?

    May is Better Sleep Month, so it’s a good time to consider the relationship between the time you spend in your bed and the time you spend in the fitness center. Many of us have heard that exercise improves sleep, but is that all? Let’s look at three important keys to understanding and making the most of the exercise-sleep connection. 1.     Exercise helps you sleep. Numerous studies have s…Read More

  2. Don’t Let Allergy Season Get You Down!

    Depending on where you live and what type of pollens you’re allergic to, allergy season has been in full swing for a few months now. If you’re one of the 50 million Americans who suffer from nasal allergies, this is a rough time of year for feeling your best and getting in quality workouts. Despite the inevitable seasonal battle with allergies, here are some coping methods you can use to keep …Read More

  3. Tips for Avoiding a Post-Workout Pig-Out

    An intense workout at the fitness center, an all-day hike, serious yard work, and an intense game of one-on-one basketball all have at least two things in common: the way they fire up your metabolism and their tendency to rev up your appetite. When you’ve just finished an intense workout, you need to eat to refuel your body, but how do you avoid then eating everything in sight (and undoing all y…Read More

  4. Stress Awareness Month: Causes and Cures for Daily Stress

    April is Stress Awareness Month, a time when the health and wellness community focus on raising the public’s awareness of what causes stress, how dangerous it is to our health, and how to beat it. The American Institute of Stress’s 2014 research shows that, in the U.S., the effects of stress are serious: 77% of people have physical symptoms linked to stress, and at least 73% have psychological…Read More

  5. Do You Know Your Gym Etiquette? (Part 2)

    Knowing the rules of your fitness center is important, but there are also unspoken rules of conduct while you’re at the gym. The way you interact with others – not just the equipment -- can make a huge impact on your chances of building good relationships with others in your gym and fitness community. Howe well do you practice these three key areas of personal gym etiquette? Personal etiquette…Read More

  6. Do You Know Your Gym Etiquette? (Part 1)

    If you’ve been a member at a fitness center for very long, you know the basic rules. But do you know the unwritten rules of gym etiquette for using the equipment? Even though they may not be posted on a wall, these rules are the code of the fitness community. To stay safe and be courteous to others, be sure you’re not breaking any of the following guidelines for good gym equipment etiquette. W…Read More

  7. April is Youth Sports Safety Month

    As adults, we know the importance of staying safe while working out at the fitness center or participating in an outdoor sport, but children are still in the learning process – and they need your help. April is a timely month for Youth Sports Safety Month since many spring sports leagues are starting to ramp up.  Let’s look at some ways to help you kids stay safe during their sports activitie…Read More

  8. Tired of Salad? Creative & Tasty Ways to Get Your Greens in Every Meal

    We all know it’s important to get our 4 to 6 servings of vegetables a day (a “serving” is one cup if you’re eating them raw, and a half cup if you’re eating the cooked). But, after the fourth day in a row of eating a salad for lunch, it can get tough. The good news is that there are plenty of creative and tasty ways to get your greens in without suffering through endless days of boring s…Read More

  9. The Advantages of Active Commuting (& Tips for Making it a Habit)

    The ACE’s 2017 trend survey reveals that more people are choosing to live where it’s easier to walk or bike to work. An active commute doesn’t just save money on fuel and cut down on greenhouse gases; it’s a great benefit to our health! A 2015 study  shows that active commuters have lower BMIs than those who take other forms of transportation, while a 2014 study suggests that those who wa…Read More

  10. Take a Cue from the MLB: Get Your Spring Training On!

    Spring training for Major League Baseball is already in full swing (no pun intended) thanks to the accommodation of warmer areas of the country like Arizona. While you may not be an all-start athlete getting ready for your summer performance on the outfield, spring is still a good time to get yourself in gear for any summer or fall event (even if that event is beach season). Advantages of spring t…Read More