It’s sometimes hard to think of good, practical gifts your friends and family can use all year long, not just around the holidays. Whether you’re looking for ideas for the health nuts and fitness gym-enthusiasts in your life or just making a wish list for yourself, here are five popular holiday gift categories that are sure to please, with plenty of room for creativity and personalization.


1.      Fitness Technology

Wearables are one of the hottest things in fitness, ranging from simple heart rate monitors to integrated watches that do it all, from personalized workouts to coaching, calorie counting, and social sharing. With a wide range of technologies and devices, there’s something for everyone’s needs —and budget.


2.      Essential Fitness Tools & Accessories

People who work out at the fitness center and live active lifestyles are always in need of fitness tools and accessories ranging from workout wear to portable resistance bands, yoga mats, foam rollers, and gym bags. Bundling several small, inexpensive items into a custom gift bag or basket is a great way add a more personal touch to things that are otherwise pretty basic.


3.      Diet & Nutrition Products

As they say, abs are made in the kitchen. Helping a friend line up their eating habits with their weight loss goals by gifting them with tools and resources can be a great way to help them succeed. Non-perishable food items like protein bars, shakes, and supplements are a great place to start. Those who are trying to eat more natural foods are always need of food prep tools, as well: veggie slicers, food choppers, portable storage containers, and shaker bottles, just to name a few. Then there’s the simple water bottle — anyone who frequents the gym knows how often they wear out or get lost!


4.      Gift Certificates for Massages

We all love to be pampered with a massage, and those who work out a lot are especially prone to sore, stiff muscles. Gifting a therapeutic massage session is a significant way to help your gym-going friends relax, refresh, and protect themselves from injury.


5.      Gym Memberships and Fitness-Related Subscriptions

Finally, consider gifts that will keep on giving, for years to come. Signing a family member up for a trial gym membership that includes a personal consultation, or even sessions with a trainer, is a significant to show you care about their current and future well-being. Other ideas include subscriptions to fitness or nutrition magazines, streaming workouts, and monthly gift-box clubs.

As with all fitness-related gifts, make sure you’re giving these subscriptions and memberships in a way that’s supportive and won’t make your friends and family feel put down or uncomfortable.


Give the Gift of Fitness

Before you load those stockings with chocolate and candy canes, think about ways you can promote your friends and family’s health and overall well-being this holiday season. From creative, intentional fitness and nutrition gifts they can use every day to opportunities to improve their health for years to come, these are gifts that will show how much you truly care.