Everyone has their own reasons for losing weight. Whether you want to feel more comfortable with your body, improve your overall health, or tone up, you started your weight loss journey for good reasons. However, staying motivated to lose weight is easier said than done. You can make as many ambitious goals as you want, but when you are dealing with your daily stresses, it can be difficult to keep your eyes ahead towards your svelte future. If the reasons you made your weight loss goals aren’t enough to keep you motivated, keep these other reasons in mind.

Reduced cancer risk

When you are overweight, you are at higher risk for many types of cancer, including kidney, pancreatic, bowel, breast, throat, and gall bladder. Obese people are 40 percent more likely to develop cancer than people who are at healthy weights. By sticking with your weight loss goals, you can lessen the likelihood that you are will develop cancer.

Better cardiovascular health

Excess weight increases the risk of heart attack because the fat around the heart makes it more difficult for blood to flow to the heart. When you lose weight, it eases blood flow in your body, decreasing the likelihood you will have heart problems in the future.

Improved sleep

Being overweight makes getting enough sleep challenging because it is more difficult to breathe, which is why obstructive sleep apnea is so common among the obese. When you lose weight, it is easier to breathe, improving your quality of sleep.

Longer life

Being 80 pounds overweight can reduce your life expectancy by as much as a decade. At 100 pounds overweight, that raises to 14 years. If you need motivation to continue towards your weight loss goals, consider how drastically it will improve your life expectancy.

Higher quality of life

Not only does losing weight increase the chances that you will live longer, it can also have a substantial impact on your quality of life. The health problems associated with being overweight or obese mean that you could spend the last 20 years of your life in and out of medical care, living with chronic pain, and being unable to move around much. Taking care of your health problems now can make a huge difference in your quality of life, both today and in later years.

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