Many people have a desire to lose weight or get fit and they know the key is exercise. In fact, if the desire to get healthier and fitter was enough to motivate us, all the fitness centers across the country would be packed out, 24-7! The problem is that it takes much more than desire to make a habit of working out on a regular basis. It takes discipline, courage, stepping out of comfort zone — and eliminating excuses.

Excuses for not working out are as unique as we are individuals, but the following are a few of the most common reasons people cite for not making exercise a priority, and how you can get past them to reap the benefits of a more consistently active lifestyle.

#1: I’m too tired.

The “workout” alarm you set goes off way too early after your late night. After a full day of work, running errands, or caring for children, you’re feeling pretty wore out. This is life, and it’s one of the most common excuses for not working out. Even if you have the desire, you might think you lack the energy to get in a quality workout.

Beat this excuse by remembering that exercising doesn’t usually wear you out – it energizes you. It gets blood pumping to the brain so you’ll feel more alert and releases feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin (the source of the mysterious runner’s high). So, if you’re feeling a little sluggish, start your workout anyway. You just might walk away feeling better than before.

Another tip is to exercise when you have the most natural energy. If you’re someone who gets a second wind around 8 p.m., put that energy to good use and visit a nearby 24-hour fitness center. If you’re alert at 4.a.m. but dragging by 5 p.m., hit the gym early instead of late.

#2: I don’t have enough time.

Another common excuse is that you just don’t have the time. The uncomfortable truth is that we make time for the things that are important to us. Look at your day and how much time you’re spending on each activity. Do you spend an hour watching television most evenings? Do you spend 30 minutes or more on social media every day? That’s time you could be investing into your fitness – many studies show that all it takes is 20 to 30 minutes of activity a day to reap the benefits.

Most of us have windows of time to prioritize our health and fitness. If it’s a matter of getting to the fitness center, workout at home a few days a week and hit the gym when you have more time to spare. Is the gym on your way to work? Pack a quick breakfast and change of clothes and go straight from one to the other. There are always ways to make it happen if it’s important enough to you.

#3: I don’t like working out alone.

Some people are solo exercisers, and some people aren’t. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to go it alone, it’s still not an excuse to skip your workouts. Many fitness apps allow you to find virtual or real-life workout buddies, and joining a gym gives you an instance network of friendly faces with similar goals. Find someone who likes to workout at the same time of day as you, and set up a schedule so you can’t keep using this excuse.

Excuses for not working out are just that – excuses. Use these tips to beat them, work around them, or accommodate them so you can prioritize exercise in your daily lifestyle and finally reach your fitness goals.