At Spunk Fitness, we love seeing you in our fitness club! However, sometimes, it is better to stay home and take a break. Rest days are a necessary part of fitness because they allow your body adequate time to recover. Here are some signs that you should go ahead and take a rest day:

You feel nauseous when you start working out

Feeling nauseous during a workout is a fairly common experience, and is often due to dehydration, diet, hormones, or intensity levels of your workout. However, if you feel like you are going to be sick immediately after you start working out, your body is telling you that it needs a break.

You aren’t making progress

If you have been lifting weights daily and still find that you are making no progress, it is very likely that you are in need a rest day. Your muscles need rest time to build themselves. Get some rest, and you may see more progress the next time you hit up our fitness club.

You’re in pain

A little achiness is normal after any workout, but if you are in pain in any part of your body, it may indicate that you have injured yourself. When it comes to injuries, one of the worst things you can do is try to work out through the pain. Give yourself a day or two to rest before heading to the gym again.

After you have properly rested, it is time to head back to Spunk Fitness to get back in gear! Join our fitness club today.